White Label Fundraising

Kytons Bakery helps peak bodies raise funds with award-winning products available through a flexible, online fundraising system.

Fundraising is hard

The current economic and political environment is making life difficult for a large number of worthwhile community organisations, undermining their long-term sustainability.

Sponsorship or government funding for sports, arts, service, charity and community organisations, is drying up

Many within your organisation have already made significant financial commitments and are at their capacity. Furthermore, it is increasingly difficult to source volunteers. New ideas are needed to raise the resources to secure the future of these organisations.

Kytons has the answer

White Label

Kytons has a solution which is simple to implement and can help peak organisations assist their affiliate‘s in raising money.

Kytons has a modern, flexible, multi-level, web-enabled Lamington Drive facility. In essence, it is a fundraising service to help peak organisations (such as a sporting code or national governing body) provide their affiliates (such as the local sporting clubs) with the ability to run their own fundraising initiative. In an easy-to-implement and transparent service, each affiliate club or organisation can run their own fundraiser under the umbrella of a larger initiative.

Granular control to the grassroots

Orders are placed at the club/affiliate level. At the end of the order period, a consolidated consignment is delivered to each club for distribution of individual orders. The majority of the fundraiser profits are retained within the club/affiliate. A small percentage from each club initiative can be retained by the organising umbrella/peak organisation.

Kytons has a long history in helping organisations facilitate the traditional Australian Lamington Drive. We believe that the community should share a life well lived, and we build community through our fundraising business and other initiatives. Kytons is all about the special moments in life. We want to help you make your fundraiser special.

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